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Australian Naturopathic Council

From government, industry and public feedback, it is clear that the naturopathic profession must present as one united body that represents Australian naturopathic practitioners with relation to lobbying, statutory registration, and policy formation and interpretation.

The purpose of the ANC

• Is to foster understanding and communication, and where appropriate, the sharing of information amongst the naturopathic stakeholders in Australia regarding successes, challenges and new initiatives within each organisation.
• Identify areas of common interest and, where appropriate, opportunities for cooperative and/or complementary action.
• Facilitate communication amongst Australian naturopathic stakeholders in support of the quality, viability and sustainability of the naturopathic profession in Australia.
• Improve efficiencies amongst Australian naturopathic stakeholders by communicating openly and sharing resources where appropriate to decrease workload and duplication.


Representatives of the ANC are the leaders of their respective organisations or a designate with broad knowledge of their respective organisation. The ANC consists of the following stakeholders:

New Australian naturopathic stakeholders shall be invited to join the ANC upon the agreement of a simple majority of the existing ANC representatives. Eligibility for inclusion in the ANC is based on membership with the World Naturopathic Federation.

ANC has also provided a definition of naturopathy

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