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Naturopaths Regulation Research Project

The Naturopaths Regulation Research Project builds upon and updates the 2005 Lin Report. Amongst other things, it will encompass a thorough and systematic examination of the Australian naturopathy/Western Herbal Medicine workforce, the consumers who use naturopathic services, as well as the education landscape, the associations and groups that represent the profession, and a risk analysis of the practice of naturopathy.

The scope of the research is to encompass naturopathic practice including WHM practice and practitioners.

Information bulletins will be released on a regular basis at key stages of the project, and you can read more about why this is important for the profession of naturopathy here in our news article.

E-bulletin 1 (October 2020)

E-bulletin 2 (February 2021)

E-bulletin 3 (October 2021)